PostHeaderIconTie-Dyed Milk


  • shallow plate or dish
  • liquid food coloring
  • milk
  • dish soap
  • cotton swab or toothpick (optional)

INSTRUCTIONS: Pour milk onto the plate so it covers the bottom. Carefully add a few drops of food coloring around the milk (one or two drops of each color is plenty). Dip the swab or toothpick into the dishsoap then dip the soapy end into the milk  (You can also simply put a drop of dishsoap into the milk). Watch the explosion of color!


How does this relate the surface tension of the milk? (see Surface Tension Experiment)

What would happen if different types of milk are used, such as skim, whole, 2%?

Would this work with other types of liquids, like soda or juice?

Would this work with soy milk? Almond or coconut milk?

Does the temperature of the milk make a difference?

Does adding more soap make a difference?


Do some research on surface tension. Find out how dish soap works to clean dishes - does this help to explain why there was such an explosion of color? 

If you have other suggestions for this experiment, send me a message about it! I'd love to hear your ideas!

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